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Nowadays one of the major and important concerns in Sweden is its migration policy. Unlike many European countries where immigrant numbers are going down, Sweden issues more residence permits every year [1]. In 2009, immigration reached its highest level since records began with 102,280 people migrating to Sweden while the total population grew by 84,335 [2]. This leads the rising fears about integration in Sweden. That is Sweden has established itself as the most generous nation in Europe in terms of importing manpower from outside

We have seen that over the past few years immigration has been a major source of population growth in Sweden. However, the economic, social and political aspects of immigration have caused controversy regarding ethnicity, economic benefit, and jobs for nonimmigrants, settlement patterns, and impact on upward social mobility, crime and voting behavior [3]. As an example, there are 30000 people living in Södertälje, located near Stockholm, the Swedish capital. The established people in that city are swallowed by more than 2000 refugees over the past two years. According to the claim of migration board, at the end of the 2014 there were 85,000 people who came from Iraq and Syria, and by this 2015 the estimate is about 105,000. The cost of the Swedish tax payer is 4 billion US dollars that is 1% of total Swedish national output [4]. The sad news is that this huge number of population is not contributing much for this society and country, instead day by day this expansion is increasing and native Swedish are becoming vulnerable. By keeping those in mind, I will mention some fields where this immigration problem is acute
Rapidly growing population is a vital problem for any country. It has a direct impact on economy and social system. Generally speaking, and to be quite straightforward, immigrant parents are intended to have more child than native Swedes. A migrated family is used to keep their family bigger and with many children. As of 2011, a statics Sweden study showed that around 27% or, 2500,000 inhabitants of Sweden had full or partial foreign background and around 73% or, 700, 0000 persons had no foreign background [5]. Of these inhabitants: 1,427,296 persons living in Sweden were born abroad [5]. In addition: 430,253 persons were born in Sweden to two parents born abroad and another 666,723 persons had one parent born abroad (with the other parent born in Sweden) [5]. So, this statics clearly warns Sweden. It urges Sweden to be more aware of the birth policy among immigrant. If however this situation continues, the future of Sweden will be very much unpredictable. Eventually, this is bad for this whole nation. The following demography has better illustration about immigrant rising over years, alth ough it’s not very recent statics.

Society and Cultures
People from another part of the world have their own costumes, behavior and religious beliefs. They have their own ethnicities and backgrounds. A sudden move to Sweden can’t suit them in this society very easily, and this pursues them to show their unusual behaviors against this country’s rules and policy. The massive influential immigrants in Sweden, some of them who live with their very conservative views are threatening the Swedish ways of life. Sweden, as we know a nation of calm and tolerance has almost faded away its long traditional tribute because of the so called open-door policy.
Job Sectors
Unemployment problem is one of the crucial problems nowadays, especially, among young people. The situation is getting even worse. Over 400,000 people remain out of work according to the latest unemployment figures released by the Swedish employment agency with Trollhätten on the west coast worst affected with 15.7 rate compared to 8.5% nationality [6]. Moreover, there are more and more immigrants, hundreds a year coming into town while Swedish have no job for their own. The country has the highest differences in employment in the West between native and foreign-born citizens. A person with African ethnicity use to have hard time finding jobs [7]. This makes Sweden as a country with the largest gap in employment between native and immigrant.
Possible Solution (From My Point of View)
Although population density can cause severe social and economic problem, a population group with full of innovative ideas and plan make an ultimate change within the nation. First, Sweden should bring more and more educated and skillful people. A person with industrial knowledge and wisdom can make radical change within a society. This practice will at least decrease the unemployment rate. In fact, in Sweden, more people should join technical development and in medicine field. That is this country needs to build a trained and accomplished nation. Second, this immigration fact, especially, the free access policy must be openly discussed among politicians. Otherwise, so many people, particularly asylum seekers will be migrated here that this country will never be able to cope with it. Thus, foreign ministry should somehow figure a line that says this is what Sweden can cope with.

We so far have realized that the fastest growing inequality in Europe is Sweden, and indeed this has become the case. Egalitarianism in society is no more followed, rather in reality it’s a country with wide segregation and has great difficulty integrating country’s minorities. The fundamental motive for those dilemmas is simply the rise of immigrant in Sweden.
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